Tips for Cleaning Your HVLP Spray Gun

An HVLP spray gun is very useful. It will save you time and give much better coverage on a job. When you’ve finished using it, though, it still needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be used again. Be prepared to take your time when cleaning, as the job can last up to an hour, including reassembly. But it all pays off in the long run, as you'll get much more wear out of your spray gun.


To start cleaning the HVLP spray gun, remove the cap. Turn it counter clockwise and take it off the nozzle of the spray gun. After that, remove the nozzle by twisting it away from the spray gun. Both of these need to be soaked. Put lacquer thinner in a glass bowl, and tip the cap and nozzle in, leaving them for 15 minutes. Once the time is complete, scrub them thoroughly. Use an old toothbrush for the job. This will clear out any trapped paint. Sit the cap and nozzle on a rag to allow them to dry fully. Set them to one side for later.

Nozzle Plate

There’s a metal plate behind the nozzle of the HVLP spray gun. This need to re removed. You might it’s stuck on with paint residue. If you, pry it off with a screwdriver. Put it into the bowl of thinner. you'll probably need to scrub it after it's soaked to remove all the paint.


The next step is to take off the fluid adjuster from the back of the gun; it’s on the lower ring, and should screw off easily. Put it in to soak in the bowl. Once you’ve removed the fluid adjuster, you’ll find the guide for the fluid adjuster and the spring for the air valve. Turn the guide counter clockwise once you’ve pulled the spring out of the gun. You should also take out the fluid needle spring. Take a rag that’s been soaked in lacquer thinner and wipe all three of these items clean before leaving them to dry. Set them carefully aside.

Fluid Needle

Removing the fluid needle spring gives you access to the fluid needle itself. The needle part comes at then end of a piece of metal, and the back of the needle will be close to you with the spring out of the way. If you push on the trigger of the HVLP spray gun, enough of the needle will appear for you to grab it with a pair of tweezers. Pull it out very carefully, as it’s the most delicate part of the entire spray gun. Wipe it clean with the rag soaked in thinner before setting it aside to dry.


With most of the work complete, you should use a rag that been soaked in thinner and wrung out to wipe down the outside of the spray gun to keep it look cleaning and new by removing any paint overspray.