Tips for Comparing the Gauges of Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters come in varying gauges or thickness. The usual measurements available are 0.019, 0.025, 0.027 and 0.032-inch sheets. Another way of classifying aluminum gutters is as heavy, medium, or lightweight, heavy weight being the thickest. The 2 most common considerations when comparing aluminum gutters are the product’s durability and affordability.

1. Go for Heavy Weight

As a rule, it is best to choose the heavy weight aluminum. This, however, is the most expensive among your options. If you are on a tighter budget, choose the next thickest option you can afford.

2. Choose Primary over Secondary

The best aluminum gauge is also called "primary aluminum." Primary aluminum is thicker and more consistent. In contrast to the primary aluminum, secondary aluminum is less preferred for its often-inconsistent gauge. It is best to go for primary.

3. Consider Region's Rainfall and Snow

In case you are not ready to spend for primary heavyweight aluminum gutters, you can always opt for the next class down the line. Be sure to take into consideration the rainfall and snow that comes to your region. A lightweight aluminum gutter might not withstand a strong rainfall or snowstorm.

4. Consider your House's Strength

For a fact, aluminum is lighter than steel. However, it is still possible that a weak house structure might not be able to support a heavyweight aluminum gutter. In such cases, a lighter aluminum gauge might prove more beneficial.