Tips for Constructing a Door Header Tips for Constructing a Door Header

If you need to construct a door header, whether you are doing this over a garage, or over part of the residence, then you will need to make sure that you fit it properly. In order to do this, you must measure the door and angles carefully, and construct the door header using a large piece of timber. When you are ready to start constructing your door header, you will need to lay out some work tools, and have a sufficient supply of lumber.

Framing the Door

All door header constructions should start by framing the door. This involves measuring the door that needs to be installed, and then cutting the frame for the header. Take two small pieces of 2x4, and nail these above the door as studs. You should attach them so that they will touch the door header when it is installed. Cut the two sides of the door from 2x4s, and nail these into position.

Adding the Header

Take a wide piece of lumber, and cut it into the correct length. Hold it up to the door, and check that it is level using a plumb, or a spirit level. Add two nails to each side of the header, just to hold it in place. Use shims if necessary to straighten the header, and then add screws to secure it to your studs and the sides of the door.

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