Tips for Constructing Bunk Beds and Lofts

Bunk beds and lofts are a perfect solution for teens’ and kids’ rooms to add a sleek, modern element. They help to economize on space as they can be fitted in small sized bedrooms to accommodate two or more bed spaces. They also come in handy in creating more floor space which can be used to set up study spaces or playing areas. Find useful tips for constructing such beds below.

Have a Clear Plan

Start by accessing some of the resources available in the household. The amount of space available in the kids’ room can be a good guide in determining just how big the beds should be. Measure the size of the room as well as the ceiling height. Since loft beds are tall, getting the vertical measurement of the space can help one to determine if they are the best beds to add in the room.

Be sure to leave enough space for movement. There should also be enough room for someone to sit comfortably on top of the bed. A vertical height of eight feet from the floor to the ceiling is adequate for such additions.

Constructing the Bed

Check out different styles and designs one can use to make a bunk bed or loft. To make it attractive, consider looking at some of the bed design plans available on the Internet. Choose a design that is a good fit for the amount of space available in the room.

Shop for the Materials

Most of the materials needed for the construction can be bought at a hardware store. Instead of buying expensive tools for the one time project, one can consider renting them out for a fee. Necessary tools for the job include a power drill, ladder, screw driver, paint brush, hammer, saw and a measuring tape.

For the materials, one will need wood screws, nails, wood adhesive, sand paper, primer, paint or vanish.

Safety Precautions

Loft beds are long and it is wise to use a ladder when taking measurements, setting up the bed and putting it in position. One should exercise care when working in the confined space. It is advisable to work in an empty room. This removes clutter in the working area which can help in preventing accidents.

Do not let pets and kids in the room. Always keep it under lock when not working on the project.

Finishing Up the Construction

Depending on the materials used in the construction, one can fashion the bed to come up with an attractive finish. Bunk beds and lofts can serve as beautiful furniture if they are finished in an attractive way. Take care of the texture of the wood or metal by making sure it is smooth.

Start by using coarse sandpapers and finish up by using fine sandpaper. Brush off the particles, wood dust and other debris before applying a primer. Do not hesitate to paint the loft with bold colors. It helps to make the room bright and interesting. Be sure that all beams are secure before getting the bed ready to be used.