Tips for Covering Foam Cornices with Fabric Tips for Covering Foam Cornices with Fabric

Covering foam cornices with fabric can be as easy as wrapping a package or more detailed for a different appearance. Here are a few tips you can use when covering a foam cornice.

Tip 1 - Padded Cornice

Before covering your foam cornice with fabric, attach a layer of batting with spray adhesive to give it a padded look.

Tip 2 - Faux Quilted Cornice

Use a putty knife to score the foam board evenly in both directions. Center the fabric over the foam board and use the putty knife to press the fabric into the scores before attaching it to the back. This will create the look of quilting on your cornice.

Tip 3 - Ruffled Cornice

Use a scraper to score the foam board cornice across the top and bottom, 1 or 2 inches from the edge all the way around. Press the edge of the fabric into the grooves at the top using a putty knife, pull it taut and attach it to the back. Repeat for bottom fabric. Cut a piece of fabric twice as wide as the cornice and lay it across the center. Gather the fabric and tuck it into the top and bottom grooves as you go, repeating until cornice is covered.

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