Tips for Cutting Angles into Trim Work

If you want to improve the angles of your trim work, then you need to know how to properly cut the trim. You need to have a correctly angled miter saw. You will also need to have a large surface, on which to lay the trim work as you cut it.

Measure the Angles

The first thing that you need to do when cutting angles for trim work, is to carefully measure the space that you wish to cover the trim with. Place the trim work onto the table, and mark out the angle using a ruler.  Make sure that you mark out the angles clearly, so that you can see them accurately. You should then be able to get the angles cut neatly.

Preparing to Cut

Adjust it your miter saw, so that you get the correct cut. For an inside angle, the blade should be on the left, and for an outside angle, the blade needs to be at the right.

Cutting the Trim Work

Place your trim work onto the saw table, and push it against the fence, so that you have a tight fit. Push it through at an even pace, and bring the blade down quickly to get a smooth cut.