Tips for Cutting with Wood Carving Knives Tips for Cutting with Wood Carving Knives

Wood carving knives can cause major injuries if they are not handled correctly. Cutting with wood carving knives is time consuming and should not be a rush job. There are a few tips outlined below for cutting with wood carking knives.

Handling the Wood Carving Knife

It is wise to use your wrist when cutting, instead of your elbow. This will give you more control, taking off smaller wood pieces instead of larger ones. The blade should also be kept sharp. The duller the knife is, the more you have to dig into the wood. Do not use the wood carving knife to scrape, as it will dull the blade.

Pencil the Lines In

Before cutting the wood, pencil in your ideas. You would rather have to erase the pencil mark, than cut the wood wrong. Using a pencil before cutting with a carving knife, will keep you from making huge mistakes.

Watch the Grain Pattern of the Wood

It is important to watch the direction that the grain runs before carving. This is because the carve cuts should go in the direction of the grain. If not, the wood will tear or rip. 

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