Tips for Decorating a Plastic Picnic Table

A plastic picnic table is the perfect outdoor accessory. They provide additional seating for your guests at backyard barbecues. They also provide a simple solution for adorning your patio.  Here are some tips for decorating your plastic picnic table.

Paint It

Painting is the fastest permanent way to customize your picnic table. There is a variety of spray paints on the market made specifically for plastic. The colors are endless. You can choose from metallic paints and even paints with a faux stone finish. When contemplating a design, consider a painting a pattern. You can paint flowers or even a checkerboard on the table.

Tile It

Ceramic tile is good option if you want a more up-scale look for your plastic picnic table. It is inexpensive, and with minimal effort, you can transform your table into a designer work of art. Simply choose tile that suits your tastes.

Cover It

If painting and tilng do not appeal to you, just cover it with a tablecloth. Tablecloths can be either elegant and formal or playful and fun.  For a unique look, hang tablecloth weights or curtain ornaments along the edges of your tablecloth.

Take time to ponder your options. Soon, your creativity will step in, and you will have more ideas than tables to decorate.