Tips for Decreasing Understeer on a Front-Wheel Drive Car

A front-wheel drive car (FWD) is more prone to understeering than other makes of cars because all of the car's propulsion power is concentrated in the front of the car, with the rear wheels offering no help when it comes to acceleration and braking. Drivers of FWD cars can decrease the understeer (loss of traction in the front wheels), but are unable to completely eliminate it.

Add Some Weight to the Trunk

A front-wheel drive car is not balanced and that lack of balance can cause understeering. Filling your trunk with some heavy items, such as sand bags, can help balance some of the weight with the car, although you should not fill the trunk of FWD cars when the road conditions are slippery.

Make Sure Your Tires are Fully, or Slightly More, Inflated

Checking your tire inflation frequently is a must if you're trying to decrease understeering in a front-wheel drive car. Slightly overinflating the car's tires (no more than 3 psi) can also help you gain better traction with FWD vehicles.

Decelerate at Corners

Lightening up on the acceleration when coming to turns in the road can help decrease some of the understeer in a front-wheel drive car. This is because you'll be letting the front wheels focus more on steering instead of accelerating.