Tips for Demolishing a Shed

You might need to demolish your shed to make room for a new one or to clear space in your landscaping. The best time to take down a shed is during a long summer day, and once you get started, it will only become easier.

Permits and Safety

The first thing you should do when demolishing a shed is make sure that you have a permit that will allow you to do so.

Once you are clear, ensure that there are no electrical connections running to the building. If necessary, shut off the main electricity supply before you begin any demolition.

Work from the Top Down

Start your demolition with the roof. This is a sensible precaution, as you don't want to tear down a wall and have the roof fall on your head. Pick an area of the roof that is easy to each, and just push the material down with a suitably heavy tool. You can also hammer the roof down from the outside if you are aware of a weak spot.

Then take down the walls. Do this one side at a time, and pulling at them until they are flat. Clear away any debris as you go.