Tips for Designing Fitted Kitchens Tips for Designing Fitted Kitchens

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Graphing Paper

There’s nothing more captivating in a home than fitted kitchens. They exude an aura through the entire house like no other room does. Since homes were invented by modern man, kitchens have existed for the numerous functions that we perform in them. But now, we’re not just looking for a kitchen that can allow us to cook and bake, but also provide that perfect atmosphere to entertain in. Kitchens have evolved from rooms that were completely hidden from the public to a space to entertain in as well. And that is exactly why fitted kitchens, with their sleek and streamlined design, can’t help but catch our fancy.

Step 1 – Know the Dimensions of Your Kitchen

If you’re going to be remodeling your entire kitchen, it’s necessary for you to know the measurements of your kitchen. Measure the height, length and width of your kitchen. Also note the position of the doors and windows and how they open. This will help you not just in choosing what goes in, but also where they should be placed. As a visual guide, you can also sketch your kitchen in graphing paper.

Step 2 – Check out Package Deals

Package deals may be a bit heavy on the pocket, but that does not mean that they aren't useful. The benefit is that they’re already assembled, hence you have an idea of where the things will go and how they are positioned. To keep the costs down, weed out things that you don’t really need. Maybe you don’t need as many ovens as the line has. Make sure to talk this through with your vendor first.

Step 3 – Maximize Your Work Area

The thing about most fitted kitchens is that they seem too cramped for space, or you have to travel far to get to the fridge and back to the stove. To prevent this from happening, you may want to follow the rule of the triangle. Keep your sink, stove and fridge in a triangle to have them close enough for when you need to grab things, but far enough away to move freely.

Step 4 – Position Spots According to Your Preference

We all have our own special ways of working in the kitchen. Some of us like to have the sink in front of the window so that we can see people and landscape while we’re doing the dishes, but others may not. Make sure that you design your kitchen according to your own tastes. Just because the fitted kitchen came in already assembled does not mean that you can’t make adjustments to it anymore.

Step 5 – Hire Your Vendor to Install the Kitchen

Your vendor will be more generous when it comes to the installations, as they have already made money off you. You might not be that lucky with an alternate contractor.

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