Tips for Designing Rustic Bar Stools

Building rustic bar stools is a simple project that allows you to get the look you want at a considerable savings over store-bought stools.


The best material to achieve a rustic look is wood. If possible, create each of your stools from a full cross section of a log. The next choice would be to use reclaimed wood or barn board. Your local lumber store will have many options.


When designing your bar stools be sure to measure the bar. The stools seats will need to be situated between 9 and 13 inches from the bar surface. A 12 x 12-inch piece of wood is adequate for bar seats. You will also need narrow pieces of wood for the stool legs and leg supports. Use a pine or oak wood for creating your stools. This wood can be purchased from a local lumber store. When you shop for the wood you would like, be sure to take your stool measurements with you. Many lumber stores will cut the wood to your measurements.


Once you have your finished your rustic bar stools, you will want to protect them with some type of finish. You can choose between paint and stains, however stains protect the wood while offering a more rustic look than paint.

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