Tips for Dressing Up a Bathroom Mirror

bathroom mirror

Giving a bathroom mirror a new look will also perk up your bathroom.

Frame It

Revitalize the frame with a fresh coat of paint. You can give it an antique, worn looking faux white finish or a modern stainless steel spray paint treatment. To have even more fun, apply a decoupage scheme to accent your shower curtain, tiled walls, or floor.

If the mirror is attached to the wall, you can build a frame around it that is attached directly to the wall. You can use basic pre-made door trim, or any sort of framing material of your choosing. You could even frame it with tiles of any color or design.

Don't limit yourself to the existing bathroom scheme. By framing or re-framing, your bathroom mirror will become a focal point of the room. Now is your opportunity to choose an entirely new design style.

Change the Reflection

Most bathroom mirrors are large enough to accommodate border accents. Glass etching is easy and fun. Visit your local arts and crafts store to find a safe but effective etching in a bottle product. You will also need some sort of stencil either pre-made or hand made which will be taped to the mirror to guide the etching compound.

Etching is permanent, so be sure that whatever you design, will be enjoyed for as long as you own the mirror. Also, ensure enough clearance with your etching project to not impede any functional use of the mirror.

Another way to dress up your reflection is to add a smaller, magnifying mirror directly onto the face of the existing mirror. It offers a finer examination function and adds dimension to the natural reflection in the bathroom.

Adhesives on the market today will securely glue the second mirror onto the first. Because the result is permanent, choose the size, shape, and position wisely.

Other Choices

There are other ways to accent your mirror. Window treatments are easy to install and do not present a permanent change. Use lace to create a Victorian look. Try a twist cord for a casual country touch.

If you want something more formal, use fabric swag treatments. Experiment to discover the look that works best for your bathroom decor. Try a simple swag or flourish it up with a decorative swag holder. Another option could be a window type design complete with tie backs again, to accent or coordinate it to the shower curtain.

LCD or small Christmas lights draped over the mirror create an impressive sparkle. Mood lighting is important in any room but for those relaxing moments in the tub; these lights are a simple luxury.

Create bathroom flair. Be formal or informal, bold or exotic. It all starts with the bathroom mirror.