Tips for Efficiently Building Brick Columns Tips for Efficiently Building Brick Columns

Brick columns are one of the oldest construction elements on the planet. In fact, it was perfected by the Egyptians who added straw into the mixture. Building brick columns is ultimately sustainable construction compared to conventional construction methods. It is also best for small-scale structures that require a hint of a homey, comfortable feel. It’s easy to build with and available locally. Here are some tips on efficiently building brick columns.

Layer Bricks Alternately

Brick columns are highly stable when lined in staggered formation. It is the interlocking position that causes the layers of bricks to act as a single column. Although it works to strictly line the bricks along columns, the stability of alternating layers is far more dependable than the grid formed layering. Brick columns are commonly self-supported. They are fused together by mortar, which acts as an adhesive force. The staggered layering, on the other hand, provides balance that even when one brick is removed, the whole column remains standing.

However, removing a brick will contribute to a decrease in strength. While you maintain a level layer do not forget to securely place mortar without leaving allowances for the brick to wiggle out. It should be a snug fit with the mortar and not with rest of the bricks.

Keep the Layers Level

It’s very important for each brick in the column to be level. Guide your layers with a level every time you place another one or two bricks. Always take a different perspective when checking the level. Remember that sometimes, when you’re too close to something, you don’t see the wrong that’s going on. When you’re too engrossed in your task, it’s easy to forget and not notice minute changes happening in your work. So, make a point to stop every now and then to check the balance. Otherwise, the result can be a lopsided column. This means that, although the column stands, it is dangerously unbalanced and will eventually lead to the whole brick column tipping over and collapsing.

Plan it Well

The nature of bricks allows you to create forms in the easiest manner attainable with simply your hands. It’s quite fun and relaxing to simply stack them up and have a nice brick column as a result. However, all that effort could be a waste if you lost or threw away the plans for your project. Plan it well. Take measurements. Plot guides on the floor for you to follow. Include guide ropes to help you when you’re reaching higher levels. Most importantly, stick to the plan.

A brick column by itself can render many purposes. It can be a landscaping piece or protective element. They are structures, nonetheless, that can affect the living of whoever lives around them. The purpose of building efficiently is to create successful outcomes. Ultimately, you’re building brick columns efficiently for aesthetic improvement and perhaps sentimentalities.

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