Tips for Eliminating Bump Steer in Your Vehicle

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Bump steer is a condition in a vehicle where the wheels can either move in or out as the steering wheel is held straight. This can cause severe instability in the way that the car handles, and is especially dangerous at high speeds. Eliminating bump steer is necessary for a safe travel, and less wear and tear on other driving components.

Use Shims to Level Steering Rod

The outboard and inboard ends of the steering rod should be in relative proximity to each other, as far as height goes. When this goes out, the bump steer is felt. Use shims in either the outboard or inboard ends, to adjust this measurement.

Change Length of Track Rod

One other way to eliminate bump steer, is an involved process that requires the use of specialized equipment and accurate measurements. Changing the length of the track rod will help to improve the bump steer, but is well out of the range of do-it-yourself skills.

Upgrade Ball Joints

Another culprit to bump steer is bad, or cheap, ball joints. If they begin to show signs of bump steer, then replace them with a higher quality product. You will notice a much more stable drive, and better overall responsiveness in your steering.