Tips for Estimating the Cost of Blown-in Insulation Tips for Estimating the Cost of Blown-in Insulation

Blown in insulation is sprayed, usually as foam, into your walls. However, having blown in insulation in your home can be somewhat more expensive than your standard insulation.


Before you have your home completely insulated, you should survey the market for the best deals. When it comes to blown in insulation, the value increases proportionally to the “R” value and energy efficiency. This means the higher the R the more you’ll have to shell out for the works.

Measuring Your Home

In order for you to have a ballpark figure of how much you’ll be paying, you need to measure the areas of your house that requires the insulation. You can usually do so by measuring the length and height of your walls. Ask your contractor how many inches there are in the wall spaces.

Using the Internet

Believe it or not, there are different websites on the internet that can calculate the cost for the blown in insulation.

Asking the Professionals

For the best solution to your dilemma, ask any one of the shops that provide such service how much the entire job costs. Many of them will be happy to give you a free quote as long as you have the measurements ready for them.


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