Tips for Estimating the Cost of Bow Windows Tips for Estimating the Cost of Bow Windows

More often than not, installing bow windows add more value to a home. That is of course if they look professionally done. So if you are planning to install bow windows and are preparing for the budget needed for the project, here are a few things to consider to help you estimate the cost of your bow windows.

Factors that Can Affect Price

A bow window will range from $1,000 to $1,500 but that's not the total cost just yet. There are various factors to keep in mind to determine the price. Take a look at the following factors to get a better estimate for your bow window.

Age of the House

For one, the age of the house plays an important factor in determining the price. For historic or older homes, contractors usually ask for an additional $200 to $300 to fill in pockets or repair the parts that will support the window.

Detail and Roof Structure

Another factor is the detail. The more details you want in your window, the higher the cost. The roof structure is another factor in determining the cost. If there's no roof structure in your existing window, then it will roughly be an additional $500.

Labor Costs

Labor costs will add up to the price of your bow windows. At the same time, if you want your contractor to dispose the old window, there may also be a charge of about $100 to $175.

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