Tips for Estimating Vinyl Shingle Siding Cost Tips for Estimating Vinyl Shingle Siding Cost

Budget is always a consideration for any home remodeling projects, especially when estimating vinyl shingle siding cost. Vinyl is a durable, long lasting material and is competitively priced with other shingle siding options.

Average Cost

The average cost of vinyl shingle siding can run from $1 per square foot from a home improvement store up to $7 to $10 per square foot if installed by a general contractor. The quality and thickness of the vinyl shingle siding can also affect the price.

Pricing estimates are based on the square feet of the exterior of a home. For an 1800 square foot measurement, your total cost could range from $3600 for installing it yourself to over $12,000 for professional installation.

Siding Replacement

If you are replacing old siding, you will need to remove it before installing vinyl shingle siding. This cost can range from $1,000 to $3,000 to have it professionally removed.

Decorative Details

Decorative elements or details such as crown moldings, trim and corners will add to your total cost. Soffits will also be needed and will be additional. These are used to cover any gaps between your house and its gutters offering a clean look to the home.

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