Tips for Expanding Exhaust Tubing Tips for Expanding Exhaust Tubing

Expanding exhaust tubing or pipes is a procedure to enlarge the diameter of the exhaust pipes that have been bent and will keep them from getting hot spots in the bends.

Bending the Tubes

After you get your angles figured out as to where you want the pipes bent, either bend them yourself or have them bent. A lot of time what happens when you bend them is that the end gets crushed by the bender so you need to expand or enlarge the ends. You can have this done at a shop or you can do it yourself. Make sure the bends are made carefully and are not damaged or have any kinks in them.

Expanding the End

You can get a cheap expander at some of the discount tool shops and use it for your one time use. Because you are increasing the size of the pipes, you will want to get a connector to run from the old tail pipe to the new size piping you have installed. You can get that at the auto parts store it will just be of one size to fit your tailpipe and one size to fit the tubing expansion. Make sure that when you use it you get the diameter that you need and that it is in a good circle that will fit over the tail pipe you have installed to accommodate the larger size tubing.  The expander works by stretching the metal in an even radius. Too much and it will cause the edges to crack. You can also take this to an expert and get them to do it for you. However, the charges for such a procedure will cost more than it does to buy the cheap one that you can use again if you need it.

Using the Expander

When you put the pipe on the expander, you want to either set it to the circumference that you are going need or if there are dies, then insert the correct size die that will fit the adapter. The adapter is one you have placed over the end of the exhaust manifold pipe to accommodate this new size pipe. It is more of a coupler that will keep both ends intact. It has clamps over it to tighten as needed. When you use the expander, do so slowly, take your time. Use it once, then try the pipe to fit. Take as many times as you need in order to get the correct fit.

The Weather

If it is colder out or in, as the case may be, you may need to use some heat to get the desired effect. if you are using a heater in your garage place the tailpipe against the heater for a few moments to heat it up to make it bend easier. If the metal is cold it is more likely to crack or flare. Always use gloves when doing this as the pipe will conduct the heat down the length of it. If you have a small propane torch, you can set it on low. Just heat it in small amounts in intervals. Try to flare the pipe slowly. Heat a little at a time and more and more until you get the results you desire. Again be careful with the heat.

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