Tips for Finding an Air Leak in Your Pool Pump

The job of the water pool pump in your swimming pool is to force the water through the filter and back to the water inlets. The water is pushed through by an electric motor that spins an impeller that is placed inside the pump housing.

The pool pump does not have any air running through its system. If you notice any air bubbles coming out of the pool pump, it would indicate that air is entering the system at some point in the system. This would indicate a problem in the system and you would need to locate the cause of the air leakage and fix it.

Check the Pool Skimmers

Sometimes, air gets sucked into the skimmer lines when the water level is low. And, at other times, the skimmer lines can get clogged by leaves which allow air to get in.

Survey the Pipe Fittings

Switch off the pump and check all the pipe fittings and valves. If you notice any air bubbles or air spurts, then you have located the culprit. You can also check that the pipes are fitted tightly. They should not be loose.

Examine Valves

There should not be any loose valves. There should not be any room for the valves to wiggle.

Investigate Pump

Examine that the pump shaft and lid do not have any cracks and are in working order.

Review Sealants

Review the threaded sealant on the intake port for any air leaks. If the drain plugs are not sealed well, they can also be the cause of air leakage.