Tips for Finding the PCV Valve Location in Your Car

a pcv valve high-lit with a rectangular yellow box and arrow

The PCV valve location is most commonly on the top of the engine, where you can get at it very easily. Despite its size, the PCV valve has a large part to play in the overall efficiency of the starting and running of your vehicle. This valve commonly fails and must be replaced every few years. Finding the PCV valve location is very easy, when you remember a few tips.

Located on Valve Cover

In most makes and models of vehicles today, the PCV valve is on the valve cover. Depending on the exact model, it may be on the driver's side or passenger's side valve cover.

Connects Crankcase to Engine Block

You will notice that there will be a vacuum tube attached to the PCV valve, that connects it to the intake manifold. To help you locate the valve, follow any vacuum tubes you see going to the valve cover.

Look Behind Intake Manifold

Some larger engines have the PVC valve located in behind the intake manifold. Engines that are 5.0 liter or more are usually configured this way.

Replace if Bad

Each time you change the oil, you should check the PCV valve. Shake the valve and you should hear a rattling sound within the valve itself. If not, then it is bad and needs to be replaced.