Tips for Finishing a Basement Floor Tips for Finishing a Basement Floor

Many people like to make use of every inch of space in their house as family living space, and finishing basement floor is part of the process of turning your basement into useful living space to be enjoyed by the family. Once you have finished your basement, you might use it as a recreation room with a pool table and other games, a den, or a TV area for the family. However you decide to finish the basement, making sure you have a floor that is completely dry is essential before finishing the basement floor.

Do Prep Work

Check and see if it is possible to paint the floor. To do this, use a large piece of plastic, such as a drop cloth or trash bag, and spread it over the basement floor. Tape it down using either duct or masking tape. Let it sit overnight, or 24 hours. When you pull the bag up, if there is moisture under there, then you have a water seepage problem and cannot seal the concrete. If it is dry, you can finish it. Many home improvement stores carry epoxy-based paints that you can use to paint the garage floor. This will seal the concrete while providing you with a durable finish.

Address Moisture

If moisture is an issue, first you will want to determine why. Is it something that is a new problem, or has it always been an issue? If it is a new problem that was caused by recent heavy rains, then checking to make sure the gutters are clean and routing the down spouts away from the house might clear up the problem. You will need to make sure to solve the water problem and make sure the floor is completely dry. Otherwise, mold and mildew will be an ongoing problem.

Personalize it

Once you have addressed any possible moisture problems, and the floor has completely dried, you are ready to paint it and personalize it. One way to do that is with an epoxy kit. Epoxy kits are mostly very easy to apply and are water based for easy cleanup. Such kits include colored chips that can be sprinkled on the floor while the paint is still wet. It gives an impressive finish and is resistant to chemicals, spills, water, and more. It runs around $50 for a kit that covers approximately 250 square feet but is well worth it.

Another idea for finishing the basement floor is to paint it with a gray concrete paint that is made for floors, and then, using a torn sea sponge, sponge on black, light gray and yellow paint to give the floor a granite look. 
Concrete Stain

Concrete stain has become more popular lately. Most of them are water based and are available in several different colors. They are easily sprayed on and can be sealed with a separate sealer to protect the stain. If you want to, you can even add personalized designs, such as stenciling, prior to sealing.

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