Tips for Finishing Laminate Countertop Edges Tips for Finishing Laminate Countertop Edges

Manufacturing companies offer different possibilities for styling laminate countertop edges. You can match these with your cabinets or other design elements in you room. Some of these laminate options are more expensive than the others. If you are looking to save on adding that extra accent to your laminate countertop edges, do not hesitate to try it yourself.

Get Friendly Assistance

This is especially important when you get to the part where you have to glue your laminate strip to the edge of your counter. You want it to be glued flat and straight. Be careful not to let the outer portions touch the countertop and get glued on the wrong surface. Four hands are better than two when it comes to this task.

Use Nail Polish as Substitute for Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are used to remove excess contact cement. In case you don’t have this, try out nail polish. It could work as a substitute.

Choose a Well-Ventilated Area

Most adhesives are toxic to inhale. This is both true while you are applying them as well as while you are waiting for them to dry. Therefore, make sure to choose a well-ventilated area for your laminating activity.

Don’t Skip the Protective Aids

Don’t get overconfident. You are not toxin resistant. Make sure to use protective gloves and a mask.

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