Tips for Finishing Your Concrete Basement Walls

finished basement walls

Concrete basement walls are not very attractive. If you want to use the room for anything other than storage, find a way to refresh the look of this space. Whether you are painting, paneling, or adding paper, follow these tips and ideas when refinishing basement walls, whether painting, paneling or adding paper.

Check for Cracks

Whatever type of wall covering you are using on your basement walls, it's very important that you check for any cracks. Cracks are weaknesses in the wall which can allow water to seep inside, damaging your wall and decor. You must ensure that all cracks are repaired so that you can decorate without ruining anything.

Banish Water

Concrete is a hard material, but that doesn't mean that water can't seep through the wall. Any seeping water can cause serious damage to your walls' finish. Before finishing the wall, you should use a vapor barrier or Drylok paint. Vapor barriers are pieces of rubber membrane which can be cut to shape and fixed onto the wall. Drylok paint can be painted directly onto the wall using a stiff bristled brush. Drylok will ensure that the paint penetrate all of the tiny holes in the porous concrete. A second coat is then required to prevent any water damage.

Add Insulation

Uninsulated concrete basement walls allow a lot of heat to escape from your home, resulting in high heating bills in the winter. That's why all basement walls should be insulated correctly. Insulation material can be injected into the wall cavity or nailed to the inside of the wall. Ensure that the material does not get damp. The insulation makes your basement a much nicer place to spend time. It also means that the heating and cooling costs for your home should be slightly lower. Insulating before decorating is much easier and also much cheaper. Get some insulation materials and do it yourself before decorating to save yourself a huge amount of money.


If you're looking for a cheap and quick way to freshen up your basement and turn it into a room you can instantly use, add paint. Paint is very inexpensive. Splashing some paint around the walls of a room is something that anyone can do. It's a good idea to use a vapor barrier and insulation first, then paint over drywall. Doing so will create a much cozier and inviting room for family to enjoy. When you are painting, make sure that you leave the windows open. Paint fumes are toxic and should not be inhaled, so wear a mask while you work.

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