Tips for Getting Rid of Wild Rabbits in Your Yard

Rabbits might look cute and cuddly from a distance, however, if they start invading your personal space then they can become a real nuisance. If they decide to become frequent visitors to your vegetable patch or the other plants in your garden, here are some tips for getting rid of them.

Getting Rid of Rabbits

It can be really difficult for people to get rid of rabbits because they will keep coming back for more as soon as they find something that they enjoy eating. This leads most people to turn to drastic measures of pest control. There are, however, some simpler things that you can try first.

Tip 1 - Clover

Clover is a delicacy of rabbits and so you might like to try sewing a clover field somewhere outside of your garden. The rabbits will normally choose to eat the clover rather than bothering to eat your plants and vegetables.

Tip 2 - Cat or Dog

Rabbits are prey animals, so having a dog or cat will make the rabbit less likely to enter your garden. Ensure you have proper fencing for your dog so he/she doesn't get in any danger outside of the yard.

Tip 3 - Fence

One of the best solutions is to install a fence right around the perimeter of your property. You should also bury this slightly in the ground because rabbits can quite easily dig under fences.