Tips for Gluing a Polyethylene Pipe

When you are fitting in some polyethylene pipe, whether it is for water supply, drains, or for gas, you need to make sure that you have glued it securely. This type of pipe requires that you use a specialist type of glue in order to hold the pieces tightly for longer. If you want to install polyethylene pipe, and don't want it to go wrong, then you need to know how to manage this correctly.

Get the Right Glue

When it comes to fitting a polyethylene pipe together, only one kind of glue will do. Make sure that you ask for a polyethylene adhesive, and that the instructions are clear that this is for a polyethylene device. This should allow you to securely fit your pipe together without fear that the solvent will quickly disintegrate, or damage the pipe, and leave you with a leaking plumbing system.

Clean the Pipe

Before you apply the glue, clean the pipe thoroughly using some cloths, making sure not to get the area wet. You will also need to make the edges of the pipe slightly rough. Use a piece of sandpaper to get the best effect for this, but don't forget to clean again.