Tips for Gluing CPVC Pipe

CVPC pipe is used in many popular applications, such as outdoor sprinkler systems, plumbing systems, and other piping. To attach lengths of pipe and couplings you typically need to use a glue. There are a few tips that can help you along the way.

Use the Right Kind of Glue

You can't just purchase any kind of pipe glue and expect it to work. If you use the wrong type of glue or cement the pipe can soften to the point of being unusable. Be sure when you purchase the glue that it is formulated for use with CPVC piping. 

Clean the Pipe

Even if the pipe is brand new, you want to make sure you clean and prime the pipe in any place where you are using glue. Even the oils from your hands can prevent a proper bond to form. Pipe primer is inexpensive and can be picked up at any home improvement store.

Cure Time

You want to hold the pieces you are gluing together in place for a couple of minutes. Then you need to wait at least an hour before you use the pipe. This will allow the glue to adhere completely. If you test it before the glue has set, you can create leaks and have to start over again.