Tips for Gluing Paper to Foam Board

Foam board can be a great surface upon which to mount your important paper documents, particularly if you're using glue. So if you've been toying with the idea of pasting your paper documents to foam board, simply read on learn some helpful tips.

Apply the Proper Amount of Glue

When mounting paper documents on foam board, it is important to use the right amount of glue to accommodate the size of your documents. Just remember, it is better to apply too little adhesive than too much. If you apply too little, you can always reattach the documents should they become detached from your board, but if you apply too much, your adhesive is sure to show through.

Glass Pressing

Begin by laying your board flat. After you've applied your glue to the back ends of your documents spread them across your foam board in your preferred manner, then use a large piece of glass to firmly press down on them. This will help ensure that your documents are securely held in place. Be sure to allow a full day's worth of drying time before hanging or propping up your newly adorned foam board.

Just remember to keep these handy tips in mind whenever you're gluing paper documents to foam board.