Tips for Going Deep Sea Fishing for Barracuda

Deep sea fishing is a sport and hobby which many people are attracted to. They enjoy the idea of being out on the ocean in a battle between fish and fisherman, taking in the fresh, salty air and enjoying a sunny day on a boat.

Where to Locate Them

Barracuda can be located around the deep waters off the Florida coast but other species of barracuda can also be found as far south as Bermuda and as far west as the California coast. They are a more tropical fish in that they prefer slightly warmer waters.

How to Find Barracuda

You will only see younger barracuda near the reefs.  It is a deep sea fish and you will not find it hovering around the shoreline once it reaches adulthood. It is a solitary fish and they tend to not travel in large groups, so you might have to wait a while before you find any.

Tips for Catching Barracuda

Barracuda are attracted to shiny objects. Anything silvery or reflective will grab the fish’s attention. Use highly reflective bait hooks if you want to catch one. Barracuda mainly feed off shrimp and reef plants so if you wish to catch one locate a good shrimp populated area of the sea.