Tips for Growing Black Roses in Your Rose Garden

The rose is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers. Of all the different colors of roses, black is one of the most popular. Black roses look very attractive if planted among the hybrid and other antique roses in home gardens. If you plan to grow black roses in your home garden, here are a few tips.

Choosing the Location

It is important to decide on how you want to present the black rose. You can plant it in your antique rose garden or beside hybrid roses. A black rose will look desirable in the middle of a perennial bed.

Selecting the Breed

Decide on the kind of black rose you want. The black cherry floribunda rose has red flowers which bloom easily and are resistant to diseases. Black baccara is a tea rose that has lots of blossoms and black buds. This black rose is easy to grow and is suitable for wetter climates.

Planting the Rose

Before planting the black rose, use a spading fork for turning the soil. Mix a fertilizer and mulch into the soil and dig a deep hole twice as wide as the roots. Put the plant in the hole and cover its roots with mulch. Pack the soil nicely around the plant to fill the air pockets and then water the plant.