Tips for Growing Weigela in a Container

Weigela is an easy care shrub that will brighten up any garden. Add the attraction of butterflies and you have a nice garden highlight.

Many Varieties

There are many varieties of weigela and for growing in a container you need to choose one that won't grow too big. There are dwarf varieties, and others that can grow to eight feet high with an eight foot spread. If you have a large container, you'll be able to fit several smaller plants in it and have a better display than a single large plant will provide.

Grow from Cuttings

Weigela grows well from cuttings. Use a sharp tool for taking any cuttings and make the cuts vertical to protect the plant. Dip the stalk into rooting hormone and plant them into a potting mix. They'll do best in a warm greenhouse until new growth is seen after four to eight weeks. Once they're growing, the cuttings can be transplanted into containers.

Although weigela is a prolific flower producer once it gets going, it can take several years before the flowers really set in. Use the quiet period to help to shape the shrub the way you want it.

The Container

Your container should be big enough to provide for the size or quantity of shrubs you're growing. The soil and the container should be well drained with a rich humus or compost content, although weigela will tolerate most soil types. To get the best out of weigela the container needs to be positioned where it will receive full sunlight for most of the day.


Weigela is slow growing and blooms from late spring to summer. The flowering season is very short, and the flowers themselves don't last long. To encourage more blooms each year, you should prune the shoot tips.


After the plant has finished blooming, you can cut back about a third of the oldest wood in it. If canes look to be crowding each other, you can safely remove some down to ground level. Careful pruning will help to maintain the shape of the shrub.


To keep the weeds down in your container and to keep the soil warmer and moist, apply a covering of mulch around the base of the shrubs. A bark mulch will look very well and last a while.


Although a very hardy plant, weigela can suffer during harsh winters. Prune out any dead wood and the shrub will soon recover. If your container is particularly exposed to winter winds it would be a good idea to wrap it to prevent the soil from becoming totally ice bound. This could break the container and damage the weigela roots.

Once well established, weigela can be left to look after itself. The container should be watered regularly as long as it is well drained. Don’t let the soil become too dry, even though weigela can survive short drought periods.