Tips for Handling Dogs around Cork Flooring

There are many advantages in installing a cork flooring in a home. Cork is a soft, comfortable and more flexible material than hard wood, vinyl and tile. But what about if there is a dog living in the house? Is cork the right type of flooring to have with pets?

Cork Is Great for Dogs

A cork flooring is great for dogs first of all because of the comfort it provides to their paws and joints. It is noise free when walked on, which is an advantage over wood and vinyl. Besides being a silent material, cork is easy to clean and has the fabulous ability to heal itself from scratches. It also has the natural propriety to resist perfectly to mold, microbes and mildew.

Precautions With Cork and Dogs

There should not be any problem having a dog living on a cork floor. Trimming the dog's nails more often that usual may help prevent the occurrence of too many scratches.

Overall, a cork floor is a nice and quiet floor to be on for a dog, cat or even potbellied pig. Cork has even the quality to be insect repellent, which is a great advantage over carpet when it comes to deal with fleas, mites or ticks.