Tips for Hanging a Bench Swing in Your Yard Tips for Hanging a Bench Swing in Your Yard

You can hang a bench swing on your porch or in your garden or yard. Bench swings are highly attractive features to add to your outdoor seating area and are generally very strong and comfortable. If you're thinking of hanging a bench swing somewhere on your property there are few things to consider prior to installing it.

Tip 1 – Positioning

Positioning your bench swing in the right place will prevent problems down the line. The major factor to consider is level ground. If your bench swing is a non-shaded garden swing, you should consider placing it in a shaded area. Also, the ground should be level and solid. Placing a swing of such nature in a place where the ground gets muddy or flooded could cause the swing to subside.

Tip 2 – Parapets

Shaded or parapet swings offer a cooler area to sit. They can be placed in a sunnier part of the garden because the parapet will offer protection against the burning sun and make it more comfortable to sit outside when it is hot.

Tip 3 – Leveling

It is not just the ground that needs to be level when installing a bench swing. The frame or supports should be level too. If they are not, the bench will tilt slightly on one side and be less than comfortable to relax on. If you are hanging a bench swing from something other than a purpose build frame, make sure the chains are lengthened to create a level bench.

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