Tips for Hanging Large Grommet Curtains

Large grommet curtains can add real sweep to a room, as long as they’ve been hung properly. Follow the simple tips below to effectively hang your curtains with large grommets.

Tip #1 - Curtain Rod

The first thing to do is mark the position for the curtain rod. Make sure it’s centered on the window. Ideally, the rod should extend between 4 and 6 inches from either side of the window.

Check to see if there are studs under the places where you’ll want to hang the curtain rod. If not, you’ll need to use drywall anchors to hold the rod in position securely. Always check that the mounting brackets on each end are level with each other.

Tip #2 - Placing the Rod

Once the brackets are in place, hang the rod for the grommet curtains from them, checking that it’s firm on the brackets. Check with a level once more, holding it along the width of the curtain rod. Make small adjustments to ensure it’s level before you hang the grommet curtains from the rod.

Tip #3 - Curtains

Be sure you have the correct number of grommets for the curtains. After you have them hung, close the curtains to check the length and width before pulling them back open. In most cases, you’ll need to use a tie back with grommet curtains. Measure to be sure you install this at the same height on each side of the window frame.