Tips for Hanging Utility Shelves in a Garage

Utility shelves are practically indispensable additions in any garage. If you wish to hang a few utility shelves in your garage, try to bear in mind these tips.

Tip 1: Plan in Advance

Make sure to plan the area where you wish to hang the shelves. According to the space available you can better decide what dimensions to apply. Also, take into account the size and weight of items you will be storing on the shelves, so as to make sure that they will be accomodated well. It is important to plan well and act as precisely as possible, as it will take more time to remove and re-attach the shelves if they are not installed well.

Tip 2: Marking

Prior to hanging the shelves, it is best to locate the studs in the wall in the area where you intend to fix them. Then, using a pencil, mark on the wall the exact place where the brackets will be fixed. It is best to use a levelling tool to ensure a neat, linear installation.

Tip 3: The Brackets

If the shelves will be holding rather heavy items, or if they are quite lengthy, then you will need to locate the brackets more close to one another for improved stability and robustness.