Tips for Hooking an RV Up to a Sewer Line

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Sewer services are now offered in most RVs. You can use a flexible sewer hose to hook up the RV to the sewer line. The appropriate RV fitting may also vary according to several circumstances.

Practice Makes Perfect

Doing a test is necessary if you haven’t had any previous experience in doing sewer hookup. Your trial hookup should be done while the tanks are empty. This will help you discover how you can open the water tanks. It will also help if you also use kneeling pads to protect your knees. Avoid leaving the slide valves partially open or partially closed. Make sure they are opened thoroughly or closed thoroughly.

Dumping Area

The master control panel has one designation intended for dumping black water. You should be able to identify which light is intended for that function for you to identify the perfect timing and the perfect venue for dumping.

Use of Disposable or Reusable Gloves

While dumping, it is advisable to prepare disposable or reusable waterproof gloves. You can use these gloves when you come in contact with dirty and wet hoses after dumping.

Protection of Drain Hose

Supporting the drain hose is the most effective way of protecting it. Avoid dragging the drain hose, especially if the surface is rough. Your drain hose should be immediately replaced once it becomes brittle or weak and once you see pinhole leaks.