Tips for Hunting Pheasants with a Bow Tips for Hunting Pheasants with a Bow

Hunting pheasants with a bow can bring you closer back to nature and is and is an extremely satisfying way of catching birds. Hunting with a bow however can be a difficult skill to master and will require plenty of practise. This handy guide will give you some tips that will help you along the way. 

Tip 1 - Using the Right Kind of Bow

You should look to purchase a bow that will be right for you and within your budget. Popular makes include High Country, Diamond, Bowtech and Hoyt. When you are buying a bow, go to a reputable store with experienced staff. They will be able to recommend the correct sized bow for your size and stature and also give you tips on how to use the bow in an effective way. 

Tip 2 - Practising Accuracy Techniques

Make sure you are well practised in hitting a target before you begin hunting. You will find, especially if you are a beginner that you will need to build up the right muscles to effectively draw your bow. You will also need to hit a target accurately from different positions. Standing with you legs together may give you the strength you need, however when you are out hunting and in a new environment, you should be able to hit a target from different positions. Practice crouching with your bow as well as taking shots from standing upright. 

Tip 3 - Giving Yourself Space

If you are hunting from a stand or a blind, make sure that you have enough space to draw your bow back. Check the space for obstacles and trees before the opportunity to shoot a pheasant arises. 

Tip 4 - Setting Markers

Prepare the area in front of your stand by setting markers. Setting a rock at 10, 20, 30 yards and so on will give you a clear marker of distance when you are shooting pheasant. This will help you draw the bow far enough so that your arrows don't fall short. 

Tip 5 - Shooting Lanes

Before you take your shot, make sure that you have a clear shooting lane. If there is anything in the way such as tree branches these could deflect your arrows at best resulting in a miss, at worst something else. Having a clear shooting lane won't guarantee you hit your bird, but it will give you a much better chance. 

Tip 6 - Man's Best Friend

A reliable dog will still stand you in good stead if you are pheasant hunting with a bow. Dogs can help you flush out more pheasants and retrieve also them after the kill. 

Tip 7 - Wind and Weather

Before you go our hunting do some research into the wind and weather conditions. Wind speed, strength and direction will effect the way the pheasants fly. The wind will also effect your shooting range so you should make sure you select arrows that are slightly heavier if you are shooting in stronger winds. You can use the wind to your advantage by placing your stand or blind downwind. This will also make you less likely to be detected as pheasants are astute and intelligent birds. 

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