Tips for Improving Basement Heating

If your basement seems a bit chilly even though you have vents in the area, your basement heating may need a boost with a few do-it-yourself projects. These tips for improving your basement heating can easily be completed by a beginner.

Seal the Windows

Basement windows, if you have them, need to be caulked to prevent cold air and water from leaking inside the basement. It will also keep out insects and rodents and keep in heat. Use regular caulking all around the window where it fits into the foundation.


Insulate the area between the ceiling of the basement and where the foundation begins on the outside walls. Even if your home has insulation in the walls, chances are there is no insulation in these areas. Push it in lightly and secure like other insulation.

Be Sure Vents Are Open

If there are vents in your basement, they are in the duct work of your furnace that runs to the outlets to each room. In some duct work there are toggles that cut off the air to certain rooms. Make sure that these are open.

Check for Holes in Mortar

If your foundation is brick or partially brick, you may need to tuck point the brick in areas where mortar is missing. Holes in the mortar can let out heat and let in cold air.