Tips for Indoor Rock Climbing Etiquette

Indoor rock climbing centers are sport facilities, and not amusement centers. Those who wish to participate in rock climbing at these facilities must be aware of and understand their responsibilities as participants and the proper etiquette expectations.

Pre-Climbing Etiquette

Check in at the front desk and sign a waiver. You must wear shoes, but do not wear open-toed shoes or hard-toed boots. Always display your rental tag.

Do not eat or drink in the climbing area. Remove all jewelry and items that could fall off and break, causing damage or injury.

Warm up and stretch our muscles before you begin climbing. Stay alert. Experienced climbers are encouraged to help novice climbers. 

Climbing Etiquette

Do not step on any ropes. Use a belayer check system before each of your climbs. Check your harness, harness knot, belayer and anchor and that of anyone else with whom you are climbing.

Use only standard climbing commands. Do not climb faster that than the rope security of the belayer. The belayer should tell anyone who needs to climb more slowly. Remain on line. Avoid crossing ropes. Do not climb directly above or below another indoor climber. Once you have climbed the entire wall, give the rope to another climber waiting.

Do not climb while listening to personal music devices.