Tips for Installing a Water Pressure Booster Pump

Installing a water pressure booster pump is important if you want to increase water pressure and the volume available to your system or increase the pressure but at a lower flow.

Testing Water Pressure

To find out how much water pressure is in the home, you should test your water pressure first. Attach a pressure gauge to an outside spigot. If the pressure reads below 30 psi, the water pressure is low. For most domestic situations, increasing volume is not an option and pressure boosting pumps are used.


A pressure booster system attaches to the main water line. A pressure switch turns on the pump, which pushes the water through a tube into the tank. One side of the tank has pressurized air, which pushes the water up and out of the tank into the plumbing system.

The installation of a booster pump on a city water system, or even a rural water system, that uses gravity-fed water, is quite easy. All you need to do is take the main water line as it enters the house and feed it into a booster pump. The output of the pump goes to a water-pressure tank, and the output of the tank then goes to the house water pipes.