Tips for Installing Basement Heating

Basement heating is necessary to counter the low underground temperatures. While it is easy to heat the ground buildings, heating the basement is a challenge. The underground is the coldest part in any house. Touch the floor and touch the wall, you will find that the floor is much colder. The underground cold is welcome during hot months, but it is undesirable during the cold months. To heat the basement effectively, you can use some of these tips:

Upscale your Home Heating

Instead of considering your basement heating independently, you should find out if the existing home heating system can be extended to the basement. Get an HVAC contractor or specialist to evaluate your current heating system. The specialist will use the system’s BTU capacity, extra space heat loss and square area to calculate a value.


When the existing system is capable of heating more space, then the contractor will advise you to install vents, extend the primary heating trunk as well as ducts in the ceiling and walls. Put dampers on the ducts, so they do not take much heat from the building.

Add Another Heating System

In case the existing system cannot heat more space, then you should install a new system. This system will act as a secondary heater that is used for your basement only. You can also remove the existing system and install a new system with a larger capacity.