Tips for Installing Granite Countertop Overlay Tips for Installing Granite Countertop Overlay

Installing a granite countertop overlay is very popular in kitchens, but it is also very expensive. In order to cut costs, but still have the latest trend in your kitchen this is a good option. When people come into your kitchen, they will not know that you have cut a few corners and saved a few pennies by covering your old countertops with a granite overlay rather than replacing them with solid granite countertops.

Stay Safe

It is important to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth as well as safety glasses to cover your eyes. You may also want to wear latex gloves to add a little protection to your hands.

Clean the area

Ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned as you do not want to trap dirt under your new overlay.

Get Assistance

This may require more than once person as granite overlay is heavy. You and your helper need to lift your pre-cut granite countertop overlay and slide it onto the adhesive area, positioning it flush against the wall.

Choose Edging

In many cases the choice of edging is an afterthought when installing a granite countertop overlay, however it can be the difference between a cheap and an expensive looking finish. The most expensive looking finish is rounded edges and the cheapest look is a straight edge.

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