Tips for Installing Hanging Patio Heaters

If you want to install some hanging patio heaters around the house, then you need to carefully consider the best way to do this. Installing these hanging patio heaters is simple, but you have to calculate a number of things in order to get the best out of the heater. Following a few tips can help.

Consider the Height

Hanging patio heaters are meant to be installed at body level, in order to warm up you and your guests. When you are installing them, make sure that you are not putting them too close to seating areas, or places where people might accidentally hit their heads. You do not want to put the heaters at head-height, as they can contribute to sinus pain and earaches.

Consider the Patio

The type of decking on the patio will have an effect on the suitability of hanging patio heaters. If you have a patio which is open to the elements, then a hanging heater may not warm up the entire area, as some of the heat will travel upwards. If you have a closed area which is not properly ventilated, you should also consider the negatives of installing these heaters, such as build up of propane or natural gas and combustibility of nearby plants and other objects.