Tips for Installing Metal Gravel Path Edging Tips for Installing Metal Gravel Path Edging

If you are looking to give your lawn a sleek and fresh look, consider installing metal gravel path edging. Not only do you get a finished look, you also keep the edging in line. If you are thinking about installing metal gravel path edging in your front yard, it can be done easily on your own. Here are a few tips that can help you throughout the process. 

Make a Guide

Use a garden hose to test out where exactly you want the edging to go. Laying out the hose in the position of the edging can give you an idea of where the best spot is and how to best distinguish the path. Then, when you know the layout, use powdered chalk to make an outline to use while you work. 

Dig a Trench

Use a shovel to dig a trench along the outline that you marked. Insert the metal edging carefully along the border. Fill in the gravel beginning on one end moving along to the other, making sure to keep the gravel inside. Take your time to keep the edging looking clean.

Fill in Dirt

Use dirt to fill in around the edging once it is installed. This will help to both keep it secure and natural looking.

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