Tips for Installing Replacement Windows in Brick Veneer

Installing replacement windows for brick veneer is one way of retaining the heat inside your house during the cold winter season. The existing windows may be old and outdated, so you need to find modern windows that are energy efficient. Installing energy efficient windows is going to save you hundreds of dollars every year in electricity bills. Brick veneer is a building material that is often used for aesthetic purposes, by architects and builders. As a result, your new replacement window should complement the brick veneer, to give your walls a good look. Replacement windows also add value to the property. You can install new windows, if you are planning to sell your house.

As professionals will tell you, installing replacement windows in brick veneer is a bit different from installing a window for common brick walls.This is an important thing to take note of, but doing the job is easy. You do not need a lot of knowledge, only a few tips.

1 – Measuring the Window

When you are starting your project, measure the size of the old window. Measure the length and height of the window, and make allowances for any wall finish around the window. Measure the size of the window sills, and check if there are any lintels on top of the window. Examine the bottom of the lintel, where it meets the window frame, to see if it is plastered or simply painted. Write down all your measurements and observations, and take the notes with you to the materials store to order a new window. The key is to record as much information as possible, so a sketch drawing of the window will be helpful to the supplier.

2 – Taking off the Trim

When installing a new window, you have to remove the old one first. Windows on veneer brick walls have trim pieces around the edges of the frame. This molding gives a good look to the window at the joints between the frame and wall. While removing the molding, carefully pulling it away from the wall. Be especially carefully on the external face of the wall, where there is brick veneer. Any rough work or excessive force may damage the fragile brick veneer. Remember, veneer brick is a cladding material or facing used for decorations. When the brick veneer gets damaged, it will require a skilled mason to repair it, and this is very costly.

3 – Fitting the New Window

Before you fit the new window, you must dismantle the existing window. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws around the window frame. Remove the fasteners on the window sill, and when the window is loose, gently lift it out from the opening and put it aside on a safe place. Take out any damaged flashing that remains in the window opening. Clean the edges around the window opening.

Carefully fit the new window in the opening and make sure it resting in a level position on the sill. Screw the new window into the opening at the top and bottom jambs.