Tips for Installing Vinyl Brick Mold around Doors and Windows

a brick exterior wall
  • 2-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-800

If you have aged brick mold trim on your doors and windows, you may decide that you want to replace it with some new molding. There are many different types, from wooden to PVC, but fitting them follows the same basic rules, and allows you to give your home a new appearance without costing too much money.

Measure the Door or Window

Before you begin, measure the door or window carefully. You need to know exactly how much brick mold you need to cover the area. Measure several times to ensure that you get it right, and then travel to your local hardware store, and pick up a suitable amount.

Make Miter Cuts

You will need to make miter cuts on the molding, which involves a 45-degree angle so that you can slot the pieces together. You can use a miter saw for this, or you could simply position the molding against the door or window, and mark where the cut needs to be made.

Install the Top First

Whether you are installing brick molding against a door or window, you should begin with the top of the frame. It is important to properly position this piece before you fit the others, as the angle cuts need to be precise.