Tips for Joining Carpet Scraps without Showing the Seam Tips for Joining Carpet Scraps without Showing the Seam

If you are planning on joining carpet scraps in your next project but aren't sure how to keep the seams from showing, here are a few tips to help you out.

Tip 1 - Join In Hidden Places

Join the carpet scraps in places that are hidden in the room. If you are carpeting the family room, then you may consider joining carpet scraps where the couch or entertainment center will be so no one will be able to see the seams.

Tip 2 - Seal the Seam Well

To attach the carpets, you will have to use seaming tape. After they are attached, you will use a seaming iron to activate the tape. Use a rolling pin to make sure that everything is smoothed out and that the seams won't show. If it doesn't all melt down the first time, just repeat the iron until it blends. 

Tip 3 - Make Sure Ends Match

Trying to join two carpet scraps that don't line up will make it look unprofessional, and the seams will become more noticeable. Make sure to cut them evenly so they fit together, and the seams will be smoother and easier to blend in.

All three of these tips together will help to ensure that the seams are covered and your carpet looks professional.

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