Tips for Keeping Silk Roman Shades Clean

If you have silk Roman shades, you will want to keep them clean and fresh looking so they can enhance the appearance of your room. Silk Roman shades can be expensive to purchase, but keeping them clean will prolong their life and protect your investment.

Tip 1: Remove Dust

Use the brush and dusting attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust and grit regularly. These can damage silk and cause it to get worn far too soon. If you like to raise your windows to catch a breeze or for ventilation, be sure to raise your Roman shade to help cut down on the buildup of dust and grime that blow in from the outside.

Tip 2: Keep Blinds Closed

If you have Roman shades with blinds underneath, keep them closed to protect the silk shades from sun rot. Sun rot will cause the silk to deteriorate rapidly. This is especially true if the blinds are hung in windows that face south.

Tip 3: Out of Reach

If you have children or pets, try to keep the shades pulled to a level where they can't be handled by children when they are around or brushed against or jumped on by pets.

Tip 4: Keep Smoke Away

If you smoke, you will want to try to avoid doing so in rooms with silk Roman shades. The cigarette smoke will discolor the silk and leave an odor. You can prevent this somewhat by using spray-on fresheners available at many stores.