Tips for Keeping Your Ceramic Tile Patterns Neat Tips for Keeping Your Ceramic Tile Patterns Neat

Ceramic tile patterns can range from simple to quite complex, depending on the tiles you are using. There are a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs you can use to create your pattern.

1 - Examining Your Space

Choose a pattern that works well in the room. You can make a narrow space seem wider by installing a line pattern. You can make a small space seem larger by creating a pattern using mostly light colored tiles, interspersed with bright, complementary colored tiles.

2 - Simple and Complex Patterns

Arrange your tiles into a 4 inch section. Rearrange the tiles to make as many different pattern options as possible. You can position the tiles so that they are square with each other, or turn them to create a diagonal effect. Arrange your tiles into a 4 inch by 6 inch sections and create even more pattern ideas. Consider using tiles of varying sizes and colors. If necessary, visit your local home improvement store for more pattern ideas.

3 - Installing Your Tiles

Use a pencil, a measuring tape and a level to mark the beginning location of the pattern you have chosen. Mark a straight, level line where the tiles will be installed. Apply your mortar and set your tiles, inserting spacers between them. If necessary, use a wet saw to cut any tiles that need adjustments to fit into the space. Continue installing the tiles outward, until the entire area is complete. Check regularly to be sure the pattern lines are aligned. Allow the tiles to dry completely, and then apply the grout.




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