Tips for Laying Concrete Patio Pavers

Concrete patio pavers are amongst the most popular kinds of outdoor flooring options. Apart from being resistant, concrete patio pavers also have the advantage of being rather easy to install yourself. The most important thing is that you exercise precision and follow these guidelines.

Tip 1 - The Base Preparation

It is crucial that you make sure to prepare the base well, as this will make or break the whole paver laying process. You will need to dig the area a depth which is sufficient to accommodate all the coatings you will lay as a foundation. Usually at least 3 inches of compacted gravel or crushed rock is laid, followed by a layer of coarse sand. Smooth the foundation as best as you can.

Tip 2 - The Laying Process

When the foundation is ready, you can commence to lay the concrete pavers one by one. If the area is quite large it is best to start at the center point and move outwards. Place each paver gently, and press it downwards.

Tip 3 - Levelling

It is important to lay the pavers linearly to ensure neat and satisfactory results. A level will help you to check your progress from time to time. You will want the patio to be plane, so any slightly protruding parts will mean that you need to press the particular paver downwards so as to embed it further.

Tip 4 - Finalizing

As a final step it is best to cover the area with fine sand. This will help to fill in edges, joints and similar small gaps.